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About MD Architecture, LLC
Phone: (908) 317-0677
Direct: (908) 482-2100
Don’t let these economic times prevent you from moving ahead with that desired construction project. Learn how MD Architecture, LLC through the Design/Build concept saves you construction time and money. Call for a free consultation.
The Design/Build concept was developed to benefit the Client by providing both quality designs and construction services with-in the same company. MD Architecture, LLC will be responsible for managing your project from the design stage to the completion of the construction. The entire responsibility lies with us. This assures the clients that one person is accountable for the success of the entire project and the client’s satisfaction.
The majority of Design/Build companies are joint ventures involving a general contractor and a separate architect. Most of the time, the General Contracting Company hires the services of an outside architect. In a few cases, the architect works with an outside contractor. In either case, both services are not under the same roof unlike MD Architecture, LLC.
About the Principal / Owner:
Michael D. Giambalvo, AIA Principal & Owner of MD Architecture, LLC is a licensed architect in both New Jersey and New York State since 1994, although he began his career as a builder in 1979. He began his professional career in 1970 working for The Chase Manhattan Bank in New York where he performed architectural, project estimating and construction services for a period of 12 years. He is also a New Jersey Registered Builder, a member of the American Institute of Architects (A.I.A), member of the New Jersey State Home Warranty Program, member of the International Code Council, and a member of the Scotch Plains Board of Appeals. Due to his experience as a builder for several years before becoming an architect, he has a wealth of experience in construction and with the construction process.
He began by working on the design and construction of branch banks in New York and throughout New York State. This is where he was introduced to the Design/Build concept. His department performed the architectural and construction services for Chase.
Later in his tenure he worked on the design and construction of high rise office space occupied by various bank departments throughout New York and Internationally. He headed his team involving the redesign and construction of Mr. David Rockefeller’s, CEO executive suite at One Chase Manhattan Plaza. He was also in charge of a 22 million dollar project to "restack" One Chase Manhattan Plaza.
He left Chase in 1982 as a Department Manager in charge of the Construction Supervision to pursue the start up of his own construction company. For a period of 12 years Mr. Giambalvo worked in the field with his crews performing all aspects of construction including demolition, the operation of excavating equipment, placement of concrete footings, concrete and glass block work, framing, sheathing, hanging steel girders, installation of windows, doors, roofing and siding of all types. He installed insulation, sheetrock taped & spackled, interior trim, kitchen cabinets and counters, ceramic tile and marble floors, walls and ceilings. In commercial work he installed suspended ceilings, vinyl composition floor tile, carpet, hardwood floors and hung hollow metal doors and frames.
It is very rare to find a Registered Architect with this extent of hands on experience.
The advantages of this experience are:
Field Terminology - Every trade be it a carpenter, plumber or electrician has their own "field terminology" that is not taught in any learning institution. Only with hands-on field experience can one learn this. Communication between the sub-contractors and the architect is absolutely crucial to avoid costly mistakes and convey any field change requested by the Client.
Structural Simplicity – Labor & time is expensive. With hands-on field experience one understands how to implement a structural design that is simple and fast to construct. You won’t find the workman standing around scratching their heads. There are definite structural design methods used to save time and money.
Clear & Precise Drawings – To assist the workmen in the field with expediting the project it is critical to have construction drawings that are an "easy read". No one wants to see workmen huddling around a set of drawings trying to decipher them.
Some architects without hands-on field experience tend to prepare drawings that either have too little information, leaving the details up to the workmen in the field (a real waste of time) or too much information on one drawing making it very difficult to read. Either way money & time is wasted. At MD Architecture, LLC, drawings and details are well organized to prevent thumbing back and forth through sheets of drawings. The drawings are also prepared with the appropriate amount of information in a format that helps to eliminate any confusion thereby saving time & money.
With additions, alterations and renovation work it is imperative that the construction drawings are detailed and specific to minimize surprises that result in additional construction costs. MD Architecture, LLC achieves this by performing a very intensive investigation of the existing structural, electrical, plumbing, dimensional and mechanical conditions in the building. Only with this information can precise drawings, project schedule and an accurate construction budget be prepared.
Accurate Budget Estimating – Because MD Architecture, LLC is involved with construction every day they are always up to date on material and labor costs. They will provide you with an accurate itemized budget, up front, based off their design drawings before they start the construction drawings. When the Client has a "fixed" construction budget, MD Architecture, LLC will guarantee that the work scope portrayed on the construction drawings will reflect that budget.
Work Force Assignments – Depending on the work scope and task, MD Architecture, LLC will always assign the proper number of workman to the project in order to achieve the quickest and most cost efficient results. Only from hands-on field experience can one determine how to properly "man" a project.
Quality of Work - The total responsibility for the quality of the work remains with one person, the architect at MD Architecture, LLC. Only with field experience does one understand how to provide real quality with the use of specific construction methods and the selection of materials that perform well.
Response Time - It is absolutely critical that the architect makes himself available to all sub-contractors, building inspectors and most importantly, the clients. This requires returned phone calls as quickly as possible in order to respond to and satisfy all concerns.
About Our Team
MD Architecture is centrally located within the state of New Jersey in Scotch Plains.
Other members of our office include Angelo Cannizzo, our project manager, who graduated in 2001 with his Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the School of Architecture at N.J.I.T., Courtney Lowry who graduated in 2005 with her Bachelor’s degree in Architecture and 2006 with her Masters degree in Infrastructure Planning from the School of Architecture at N.J.I.T and is also a LEED AP, Michelle Cannizzo, our office manager and New Jersey Licensed Realtor, and Brad Scherer, who is our master cabinet maker and also provides construction services for our office.
How can MD Architecture, LLC save time?
  • The Design/Build concept focuses on overlapping the design, permit and construction phases in order to streamline the traditional "Design - Bid - Build" method. MD Architecture, LLC provides this "fast tracking" - many different construction activities taking place at one time to move the project forward at an accelerated pace. This allows for the Owner to occupy the building sooner than the traditional "Design - Bid - Build" process shortening construction time and cost to the Owner.
    As an example, by completing the demolition and foundation plans first and then obtaining the demolition, foundation permits and starting construction before the remaining construction drawings are finalized puts the shovel in the ground sooner.
  • Interface with the local building inspectors is with the architect only. This allows for any & all questions by the town inspectors to be answered on the spot without delay.
  • Since the architect is on site every day, any field change requested by the Owners can be expedited with the Town Officials and implemented immediately.
    How can MD Architecture, LLC save money?
  • MD Architecture’s goal through creative design, structural simplicity, material selections and value management is to fully satisfy the Client’s spatial, functionality, scheduling and budgetary requirements.
  • A "Guaranteed Maximum Price" can be established from the very beginning to assure that the Owner’s budget is not exceeded. Because the design program requirements of the project are being developed along with the budgetary goals construction methods and budget conditions being analyzed simultaneously, a project is more likely to be realized than with the pure design approach.
  • MD Architecture, LLC provides for value engineering which is a process for reducing cost of a project without changes that affect the projected function or overall form of the project.
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