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   The Carriage House
The Carriage House was built in 1920 for Thomas H. Frothingham, a successful stock broker. It was designed by architect John Russell Pope as the carriage house and horse stable for the main mansion on a 300 acre estate. Pope is best known for designing the Jefferson Memorial and the west building of the National Museum of Art in Washington D.C. In 1926 the estate was sold to John Sloane, a furniture maker. Around 1950 Mr. Sloane converted the Carriage House into a residence for his daughter and her husband, Cyrus Vance, the former Secretary of State under President Jimmy Carter. In the 1970's most of the estate was sold to the United States Golf Association, however the Carriage House was not purchased from Mr. Vance until 2000. They converted the main mansion into a golf museum and decided to sell the Carriage House to a private owner. The Carriage House property is on 14 acres and the house is currently 5,000 square feet.
On this project our job was to convert the house into a single family dwelling more suited for modern living. The first floor will be reconfigured, making more efficient use of the existing stable spaces. The large open space at the center of the house that exists now will be used as a dining area, family room and formal entry. The small existing bedrooms at the second floor will be converted to three larger bedrooms with bathrooms and walk-in closets. On the exterior, the window dormers at the second floor will be replaced by dormers that better suit the original design of the house. The rear elevation will get a complete renovation. Large arched doors and a new patio will give this side of the house better relation to its other sides.
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